NAKAB - Himalayan solid wood mask n ° 6
NAKAB - Himalayan solid wood mask n ° 6
NAKAB - Himalayan solid wood mask n ° 6

NAKAB - Himalayan solid wood mask n ° 6

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Himalayan wooden mask.

These masks from Himalayas (probably northeast of Nepal) are one of the symbols that best represent the culture and traditions of the inhabitants of the Himalayan region. The tradition of wearing these masks is very old, and finds its source in the animist tribes of the region which venerated the spirits of nature and the guards of their mountains. The shamans of these tribes wore these masks during the rites they performed in order to protect their villages, cure diseases, practice exorcisms, etc.

These masks were attributed to very important social functions in the lives of these communities because they could also be used during theatrical representations and ceremonies dedicated to their ancestors. The Hindu and Buddhist cultures, which have become predominant in the surrounding regions, have gradually replaced the myths of these shamanic cults. But some spirits and demons of these tribes have been adopted by the Buddhist tradition and some of them have even become wrathful but protective deities in Buddhist doctrine.


Dimensions: h 31.5cm x L 15.5cm x D 10.5cm

Materials) : Solid wood

Origin: India


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