Phurba - Ritual dagger of Tibet n ° 5
Phurba - Ritual dagger of Tibet n ° 5
Phurba - Ritual dagger of Tibet n ° 5
Phurba - Ritual dagger of Tibet n ° 5
Phurba - Ritual dagger of Tibet n ° 5

Phurba - Ritual dagger of Tibet n ° 5

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Phurbas are ritual daggers associated with Buddhism deities vajrayana. Composed of a blade, a handful and a pommel, these carved daggers are often made of brass and metal, but also in wood as here. The phurbas knob often represents the three sides of vajrakila (joyful, peaceful, wrathing), but can also represent the Tibetan snow lion, a stupa ... The blade has traditionally owned three faces that meet at the forefront. They symbolically represent the power of the dagger to transform the negative energies of "three poisons": attachment/envy/desire, illusion/ignorance/false ideas, and aversion/fear/ hatred.

Technically, phurba is intended for rituals to pierce the earth, vertically. The phurbas are known to symbolize peace and stability, and are used to keep demons away. Padmasambhava is considered to be the inventor of the phurba. In the 8th century, Padmasambhava would have used the phurba to bless the ground on which he established the Samye monastery. In Tibet, the tents have always had a particular role because nomadic culture is very present, and planting tent peaks in the soil could be interpreted as a sacrifice of the earth. Thus, the appearance of the phurba could derive from these peaks used to fix these tents on the ground. As part of rituals, sEuls shamans and other specific individuals are allowed to use a phurba. The blade of these magic daggers is not really sharp, having a spiritual purpose rather than destructive.

Dimensions: H53cm x L4cm x P4cm

Origin: India

Material (x): Wood 


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